MMAM was incorporated as a nonprofit corporation in the state of Texas in the year 2001. MMAM then applied for and received IRS 501c3 status and Texas tax exempt status. At that time, the founders, Rick and Nanette Morgan, were living in Brady, Texas. Although the museum was legally ready to operate and function as a museum, we had no facility or building, either owned or rented to put the museum in. The museum was essentially dormant for 7-8 years while searching unsuccessfully for a facility from which we could function as a museum. 


In 2009, we decided to honor our veterans with a free display and event for Veterans Day. We were able to use the Community room in Brady setting up the display, tables, refreshments, etc, the day before Veterans’ Day, and then breaking down and removing everything the day after. We did this 2 years with about 40 people attending the first year and about 75 people the second year. We then had the idea of moving the event out to the local airport and honoring all our military on Armed Forces Day in May. In May 2011, MMAM sponsored the first of 7 very successful Armed Forces Day Celebration and Fly-In events which drew large crowds while utilizing the City of Brady’s large hangar at the airport. However, the same stipulation applied that we had 1 day to set up for the event starting on Friday, and the hangar had to be returned to service with no indications of the event having been held there. We continued looking for a facility, preferably a hangar since we had airplanes, but there simply was nothing available. Finally, after looking at everything within a radius of about 250 miles of Brady, Texas, we found a vintage hangar on an airport in Cameron, Texas. It needed a lot of work, but the community was excited about having a WWII museum, and there was plenty of support from local city officials.


We rely on the generosity of people like you who share our commitment to ensure our veterans’ sacrifices were not in vain. If you would like to donate, we welcome any size donation and genuinely appreciate and thank you.