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Morgan Military Aviation Museum was incorporated as a Texas non-profit corporation in 2001 and is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization.  It was formed for the purpose of preserving the memory , heritage, and legacy of a generation of men and women who through ingenuity, hard work, strong faith, and gritty determination, rose up to meet one of the greatest challenges our nation ever faced -- that indeed the entire world ever faced.  That challenge was preparing for, fighting, and winning the largest global war that the world has ever seen even to this date.   This was the first war in which military use of aircraft became such an important factor in the war.  Air power, stategies and technologies changed dramatically in a very short time period shortly before WW II and during the war.   The US Amy Air Forces during WW II is but one example of how our nation went from a miserably unprepared, small, and weak military shortly before the war, (America had only the 16th largest army in the world in 1938), to becoming  undisputedly the  greatest, unrivaled military, economic and technological power in the world at the end of the war in 1945.


Morgan Military Aviation Museum does not in any way exist to glorify war; on the contrary, war is to be abhored and avoided by any means.  Our purpose is to recognize and honor the sacrifice that our veterans, their families and even our society has made for us --you and me-- to retain and enjoy our precious freedoms.

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